And instead of staying within the confines of the pentatonic blues scale, Argent creatively used the Dorian mode before most other keyboardists of the day. If you re a keyboard player in a cover band, this gives you the opportunity to include not one but two genuine Rod Argent solos in your performances. This is a note-for-note transcription of that first Synth Solo, and also includes the guitar rhythms and chords. And the two Bridges are in fact quite different. Early in the song Rolie takes an 8-bar Fender Rhodes electric piano solo that sets the minor-key mood perfectly. Possessing the technique of a classical concert pianist, he loved showing off his technical prowess, especially in that most pianistic of styles: boogie-woogie. pdf Of all the compositions inspired by Rimsky-Korsakov s The Flight of the Bumble Bee , none is more virtuosic than Liberace s own arrangement - a blur of fingers. Keyboardist John Jo-Jo Hermann played a couple of piano solos on that recording. In free timing, it includes some classic Billy Joel chord voicings and a fun two-handed run. If you ever wanted to study Liberace at his prestissimo best, this is just what you need. pdf One of rock s most beautiful piano parts was performed by Rick Wakeman - Cat Stevens 1972 classic, Morning Has Broken. This is a transcription of the entire 62-second electric piano solo, including both electric piano parts. Difficulty: Medium   Here is Leon Russell performing Tryin To Stay Live on YouTube. This is a transcription of the entire 1:59 performance.

Play it exactly as Rick Wakeman recorded it. He began the piece with a long solo piano introduction. This solo begins at approximately 11:20 into the documentary   : music man amp dating. Difficulty: Moderate   Here is The Little Willies If You ve Got the Money, I ve Got the Time on YouTube. Difficulty: Moderate   Here is The Rolling Stones She s a Rainbow on YouTube (this Piano Intro is the first 18 seconds of the video) Santana - Black Magic Woman - Elec. The bass guitar part for the Intro & Solo is also included. This is a note-for-note transcription of the 16-bar Piano Intro, which has some chord voicings that can be difficult to pick out exactly. pdf School is the first track on Supertramp s third album, Crime of the Century (1974), and remains one of the band s great classics. This is a note-for-note transcription of the piano part. :29 through :47 is the transcribed section. During the Intro each pianist is careful not to step on each other s phrases. Difficulty: Moderate Here is I Can t Wait To Get Off Work on YouTube music man amp dating. There is a brief, 12-bar piano solo in the song where Harsch plays some terrific rocking, rhythmic licks. The single from it was Baby Likes To Rock It , which hit #11 on Hot Country Songs.

An accurate version of Liberace s Bumble Boogie has never been available before - until now. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn both of Rod Argent s She s Not There solos, note-for-note. pdf In Steely Dan s second studio album, Countdown to Ecstasy in 1973, Donald Fagen (keyboards) and Walter Becker (bass) continued their highly-polished jazz-rock sound..
. Parts of the song have the organ mixed so low that it is very difficult to hear. Or perhaps you d just like to study how Argent continues to creatively utilize the Dorian mode in his improvisations 34 years later. Difficulty: Challenging Merry Clayton - Grandma s Hands - Piano Solo (transcribed by Elmo Peeler). 42 seconds), Dennis DeYoung s second synth solo on Fooling Yourself is even more involved and more virtuosic than the first solo.   Stevie Ray Vaughan - The House Is Rockin - Piano Intro & Solo (transcribed by Elmo Peeler). The key is Waits choice of chords and voicings. Difficulty: Moderate Paul Brandt - The Highway Patrol - Piano Solo (transcribed by Elmo Peeler). If you d like to learn Jerry Lee s honky-tonk tricks, this C&W classic is a great place to start. ...

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